Fundació Joan Miró 

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Catalog of the exhibition Miró. His Most Intimate Legacy, curated by Marko Daniel with Elena Escolar and Dolors Rodriguez Roig, at the Fundació Joan Miró 04/01/2022 — 09/26/2022.

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The foundation's collection of works by Joan Miró includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles and an extensive print archive. In addition, it also features an exceptional collection of the artist's preliminary sketches, notes, scale models, sketchbooks and correspondence. This extensive, diverse collection, representative of all the...

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The Fundació Joan Miró: A Living Centre, Open to the World covers the forty years of the foundation's history, a long and full trajectory of art, friendship and commitment to Barcelona which, over the years, has succeeded in remaining true to the spirit of its founder, Joan Miró.

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Swasky meets Joan Miró in the building designed by architect Josep Lluís Sert for Miró in Barcelona. In this book, Swasky invites the reader to join him as he tours the Fundació Joan Miró and some of the key places in the life and work of this great artist.

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Map guide with GATCPAC and Josep Lluís Sert buildings in Barcelona. Publisher: El globus vermell, Fundació Joan Miró, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.

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This essay reconstructs the process of architectural conception of the Harvard residence for married students, one of the most significant works of the architect Josep Lluís Sert. 

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This book examines the emergence and evolution of the discipline of urban design as articulated through the work of Josep Lluís Sert (1902–1983), one of its most influential practitioners.

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