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Catalog of the exhibition Paul Klee and the secrets of nature, curated by Martina Millà with the collaboration of Fabienne Eggelhöfer, head curator of Zentrum Paul Klee Bern, at the Fundació Joan Miró 10-21-2022 — 02-12-2023. TEMPORARILY OUT OF PRINT

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Catalog of the exhibition Miró. His Most Intimate Legacy, curated by Marko Daniel with Elena Escolar and Dolors Rodriguez Roig, at the Fundació Joan Miró 04/01/2022 — 09/26/2022.

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Catalogue of the exhibition The point of sculpture by David Bestué in collaboration with Martina Millà, at the Fundació Joan Miró 15/10/2021 — 06/03/2022.

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Catalog from the exhibition "The Way Things Do". In 1987, the Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss presented their film Der Lauf der Dinge, known internationally as The Way Things Go. The 1980s were also the decade when Daniel Jacoby & Yu Araki, Serafín Álvarez and Cécile B. Evans were born. To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Swiss...

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Catalog of the exhibition Sumer and the Modern Paradigm (28/10/2017- 21/01/2018), explores the interest that Mesopotamian “arts” from the turn of the fourth and third millennium BC aroused in some of the key artists of the twentieth century.

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Bee Writings is presented as a compilation of essays commissioned with the aim of charting a theoretical framework for the exhibition Beehave (16/02/2018 - 20/05/2018), but it is only the first part of a broader publishing project. Likewise, the exhibition is only the first chapter of Beehave, which unfolds all around the city of Barcelona throughout a...

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Beehave explores the right of honey bees to inhabit urban spaces, the coexistence of the city's desired and necessary biodiversity with the artificial elements of the urban landscape.

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Beehave elicited a diptych publication that was released in two stages: the first part, Bee Writings, is a compilation of essays that provides the theoretical framework for the exhibition; the second, Where Are the Bees?, gathers all the interventions that artists from around the world presented within the Fundació and throughout the city.

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The exhibition series One Foot Out. Expeditions and Diasporas explores aspects related to belonging to, and breaking away from, an artistic context. Six stand-alone exhibitions that share a similar spirit: embracing a position of uncertainty, they explore the relationships that spring up around them so as to offer a more open, plural vision.

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The exhibition program The Possibility of an Island explores some of the symbolic and socio-cultural meanings that islands - those paradigmatic spaces in our collective imagination - have had over the course of time, with the aim of raising questions and reflections about these meanings that may be pertinent to our contemporary context.

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