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Can you imagine how it would be to go to the zoo with a famous painter? This is the extraordinary story that Antony Penrose tells us of the visits he made at the farm of the great artist Joan Miró, a man who "dreamed when he was awake" and painted universes full of magical creatures.

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This book on Joan Miró offers details about his sentimental relationships that have been unknown until now, as well as reconstructing the reasons why he left Spain during the Civil War and analysing how he was able to survive during the harshest years of the Franco regime. The biography centres on the years from 1893 to 1947, when he travelled to the...

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Face mask with Joan Miró's pattern "Une étoile caresse le sein d'une négresse", 1938. 

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Swasky meets Joan Miró in the building designed by architect Josep Lluís Sert for Miró in Barcelona. In this book, Swasky invites the reader to join him as he tours the Fundació Joan Miró and some of the key places in the life and work of this great artist.

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Postcard reproduction of Joan Miró’s 1925 work Sketch for “Ceci est la couleur de mes rêves”, ready to be framed with its passe-partout.

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The newest Cahiers d’Art revue 2018 revisits Miró’s works and relationship between Miró and Cahiers d’Art through an anthology of the most beautiful texts published in the revue. It also introduces unpublished objects and pieces from the artist’s collection.

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Sticker book for children to reproduce the works of Joan Miró and create new paintings.

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Backpack with a coloring image, which reproduces one of Joan Miró's designs for the book "À Toute Épreuve", 1958, created in collaboration with the poet Paul Éluard.

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Golden brooch extracted from the work "Untitled 8", 1974, by Joan Miró

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