The Long Journey of Joan Miró

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Authors: Marta Altés, Gemma Gallardo
Publisher: Fundació Joan Miró
Year of publication: 2021

Product features:
32 pp. with color illustrations
24 x 24 cm

Available languages:
català El llarg viatge de Joan Miró - Catalan: ISBN 978-84-16411-58-0
español El largo viaje de Joan Miró - Spanish: ISBN 978-84-16411-59-7
english The Long Journey of Joan Miró - English: ISBN 978-84-16411-60-3
français Le Long Voyage de Joan Miró - French: ISBN 978-84-16411-61-0
chinese 胡安·米罗的漫长旅途 - Chinese: ISBN 978-84-16411-62-7

The Long Journey of Joan Miró
Each life is a world in itself, and Joan Miró's was a whole universe. The Long Journey of Joan Miró tells the story of this magnificent artist who was fascinated by art and nature and who, from a very young age, pursued a dream with determination and ended up becoming one of the most famous artists in the world.

Illustrated by Marta Altés and written by Gemma Gallardo, this biography for children and adults alike takes us to places that were important to Miró —Barcelona, Mont-roig, Paris and Palma de Mallorca— and describes the most decisive moments in his artistic career. Imaginatively told in everyday language, accompanied by touching and colourful illustrations, The Long Journey of Joan Miró is essential reading for anyone interested in knowing more about this great artist, whether individually or as a family.

Authors biographies

Marta Altés studied graphic design and creative illustration at EINA (Barcelona). After working as a graphic designer, she decided to pursue her dream and study children's illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. She currently lives in London and spends the day drawing and writing stories. Her books have been very successful and have been translated into more than twenty languages.

Gemma Gallardo has a degree in Classical Philology and Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature. She lives and reads in Barcelona. She edits books, publishes books, writes about books, translates books and dips into books. And in her spare time, she is learning how to farm oysters.

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