Tàpies - Miró

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Authors: Barbara Catoir, Alexander Gaude, Markus Mu¨ller, Toni Tàpies
Publisher: Verlag Kettler
Publication year: 2023
ISBN: 978-3-98741-089-5
German language

Product characteristics:
184 pp
Hard cover

To mark the centenary of Antoni Tàpies and the 130th birthday of Joan Miró, Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster is staging a major special exhibition. The works of the two most important Catalan artists of the 20th century are set in an intriguing dialogue with each other. Despite their great age difference, the two artists were close friends and drew inspiration from each other’s art.

This publication focuses on the graphic work of Antoni Tàpies and Joan Miró, which is fundamental to the oeuvre of the two Catalans. In their graphic prints, both artists developed novel ways of expression and an independent graphic style characterized by the depiction of strokes, dots, letters and symbols: there seem to be no more boundaries between painting, drawing and writing.

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