Miró Engraver Vol. III 1973-1975

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Third volume of the catalogue of Joan Miró's Etchings from 1973 to 1975. 

Author: Jacques Dupin
Publisher: Daniel Lelong Éditeur, Ediciones Polígrafa for the Spanish version.
Available languages:
Spanish: edition of 1500 numbered copies
French: edition of 2000 numbered copies
English: edition of 2000 numbered copies
German: edition of 1500 numbered copies

Product characteristics:
237 pp.
220 color illustrations, 108 b/w illustrations
Hardcover with fabric and dust jacket
32.5 x 25.5 cm
Joan Miró has especially executed for this book 2 original woodcuts in Joan Barbarà's atelier in Barcelona. They are to be found on the cover, on the frontispiece and on page 11.

"This first volume of the catalogue of Joan Miró's Etchings was established and written by Jacques Dupin, assisted by Ariane Lelongand Françoise Gaillard, in close collaboration with Joan Miró, who took, until 1982 an active part in the gathering of information and in the checking out of the documents which were utilized...

Several exhibitions, and a book, devoted to Miró's graphic work were accompained by partial catalogues which were used as bases for the current work's documentation...

The method of classifying the etchings and the books illustrated with engravings is the chronological order of their appearing, a technicat table completing this classification. The size of etchings, like of the books are given in centimeters, height preceding width".

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