Miró Drawings vol. VI 1978-1981

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Sixth and final volum of the complete catalogue of Joan Miró's drawings that includes the works on paper from 1901 to 1981.


Author: Jacques Dupin, Ariane Lelong-Mainaud
Publisher: Daniel Lelong and Successió Miró Publishers
Year of publication: 2018
ISBN: 978-2-86882-134-8
Language: English

Product features:
380 pp.
1164 colour prints
Hardback with jacket
33 x 26 cm

The complete catalogue raisonné of Joan Miró's drawings is published in six volumes. They include the artist’s works on paper from 1901 to 1981, drawings in pencil, watercolour, gouache and pastel and works on different kinds of paper and other media such as card, cardboard, metal and wood.
In the six volumes all the works are reproduced in colour, whenever possible, accompanied by their title, date, technique, and dimensions, with an indication of the signature and any inscriptions on the back, as well as the collection they form part of, their provenance, exhibitions at which they have been displayed and major publications where they are reproduced.

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