Dive and Immersion

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Catalog for 2022 programme of the Espai 13 curated by Pere Llobera, with artistic proposals by Victor Jaenada, Marcel Rubio Juliana, Marria Pratts and Martín Vitaliti. 


Authors: Victor Jaenada, Pere Llobera, Ivan Pintor Iranzo, Marcel Rubio Juliana, Jorge Vidal.
Publisher: Fundació Joan Miró
Year of publication: 2023
ISBN: 978-84-16411-67-2
Languages: Catalan-Spanish-English

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79 pp
soft cover

The series takes its name from the free translation by José Ángel Valente of the poem "Il tuffatore", by Eugenio Montale, which was inspired by the fifth-century BC funerary painting found in the necropolis at Paestum. Both the poem and the painting, where we see a young man diving head first into the water, reflect on life, death and the circularity inherent in both.

Cut through by this tragic yet lucid vision of life, the exhibitions of Victor Jaenada, Marcel Rubio Juliana, Marria Pratts and Martín Vitaliti reflect on these artists' massively radical commitment to their work. All four of them, in their condition of what Pere Llobera calls "natural painters", use installations, artefacts and stubbornly pictorial gestures to address the irreducible need to find our own voice within existence.

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