Endgame: Duchamp, chess and the avant-gardes

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Endgame: Duchamp, chess and the avant-gardes is an account of twentieth-century avant-garde movements up to the beginning of conceptual art, told from the angle of what appears to be a minor anecdote: the game of chess. Taking Marcel Duchamp's life as our time frame, the exhibition explores the hypothesis that chess was a backdrop to the historical avant-gardes in several senses.

Author: Adina Kamien-Kazhdan, Estrella de Diego, Manuel Segade
Publisher: Fundació Joan Miró
Year of publication: 2016

Product features:
155 pp
88 illustrations
24,5 x 24,5 cm

Catalan: ISBN 978-84-16411-18-4
Spanishl: ISBN 978-84-16411-19-1
English: ISBN 978-84-16411-20-7

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