One Foot Out. Expeditions and Diasporas

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The exhibition series One Foot Out. Expeditions and Diasporas explores aspects related to belonging to, and breaking away from, an artistic context. Six stand-alone exhibitions that share a similar spirit: embracing a position of uncertainty, they explore the relationships that spring up around them so as to offer a more open, plural vision.


Authors: Jordi Antas, Eva Fàbregas, Eloy Fernández Porta, Julia Geerlings, Frederica Matelli, Martina Millà, Sira Pizà
Publisher: Fundació Joan Miró
Year: 2018
ISBN: 978-84-16411-43-6
Language: Catalan-Spanish-English

Product features:
168 pp.
45 illustrations
23 x 15 cm

The series presents projects by Ana Garcia-Pineda, Nicolás Lamas, Momu & No Es, Eva Fàbregas, Adrià Julià and Martin Llavaneras: six artists who developed solo exhibitions based around common interests, negotiating performativity and audience involvement, fiction and unforeseeable situations. The various components are constantly shifting, from the perspective of the artistic diaspora.

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