Fundació Joan Miró and Josep Lluís Sert

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Author: AA. VV.
Publisher: Polígrafa
Year of publication: 2010
ISBN: 978-84-343-1245-6
Language: Catalan

Product features:
96 pp.
64 illustrations
Paperback with flaps
21 x 14 cm

Catalan: ISBN 978-84-343-1245-6
Spanish: ISBN 978-84-343-1237-1
English: ISBN 978-84-343-1236-4

In 1975, the opening of the Fundació Joan Miró radically transformed the concept of museums as understood in Barcelona at the time.
By setting up the Foundation, Miró aimed to offer his hometown a new centre to serve several purposes linked to artistic production: it was to be a benchmark for promoting contemporary artistic creation, with particular emphasis on young creators. In addition, it would also house the major collection of works by Joan Miró that made up the foundation’s collection so they could be properly stored, studied and exhibited.
Miró wanted a building with clean lines, a welcoming edifice that blended in with its surroundings but which had a personality of its own that would intrigue visitors and encourage them to enter. Josep Lluís Sert fulfilled Miró’s wishes and intentions with his design for the future premises of the Fundació Joan Miró.

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