The Fundació Joan Miró. A living centre, open to the world

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The Fundació Joan Miró: A Living Centre, Open to the World covers the forty years of the foundation's history, a long and full trajectory of art, friendship and commitment to Barcelona which, over the years, has succeeded in remaining true to the spirit of its founder, Joan Miró.

Author: Rosa Maria Malet
Publisher: Fundació Joan Miró
Year of Publication: 2015
ISBN: 978-84-16411-06-1
Language: English

Product Features:
256 pp.
337 Colour illustrations; 26 black & white illustrations
29.5 x 25 cm.

Initially, the foundation's collection comprised the pieces donated by the artist himself. It has never stopped growing since then, receiving a noteworthy number of donations and deposits and developing an exceptional document collection. It is currently the primary source of reference material for Miró studies and for other organizations that wish to promote the artist's work.
In parallel with that, the Fundació Joan Miró has never faltered in one of its key aims: to offer a space in which to showcase young artists and current trends in art. Countless artists have shown their work at the foundation, maintaining our organization’s links with the present and keeping Miró's interest in new art forms alive.

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