Manifesto. The Art Movements Game

P.V.P.: 20,00 €
Friends Price: 18,00 €

Andy Warhol is Pop, Pablo Picasso is Cubist and Marcel Duchamp is Dada. Artists gather in movements, just as wildebeests run in herds. Do you know the great art movements and how the great artists fit into them? Play Manifesto to test your knowledge or effortlessly learn a little art history.


Playing cards
52 pages
Size: 130 x 100 mm
Language: English
Material: satiny carton

Illustrator: Lauren Tamaki
Publisher: Laurence King
Year of publication: 2018
ISBN: 9781786271631

Collect illustrated cards of fifty-two iconic artists and group them into their art movements to win. The accompanying booklet relates the fascinating biographies of each artist.

Based on Happy Families, this game is the perfect gift for all art lovers of all ages.

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