Sunglasses "L'etoile matinale"

P.V.P.: 33,00 €
Friends Price: 29,70 €

Sunglasses with a part of Joan Miró's work "L'étoile matinale" from 1940.


With neoprene cover.

- In conformity with the essential safety requirements set by DE 89/686/CEE, EN 1836/1997 and subsequent revisions and ANSI Z80.3/2001.

- Filter category 3 in accordance with european requirements EN 1836.

- Not to be used for driving vehicles at night time or poor weather conditions.

- Not to be used as protections against impact as the glasses could break in such condictions and provoke injury.

- Conservation: between -10 ° C a + 35 ° C.

- Cleansing: Warm water and neutral soap.

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