ABC Miró

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When we learn how to read, letters, words and figures come to form part of a marvellous multifarious universe that is open and free of all prejudice. Using the language of art, "ABC Miró" introduces us to this stimulating learning stage. Letters and words are presented and represented using an infinite variety of registers, techniques and emotions from Miró's universe, giving us the opportunity to discover the creative power of a linguistic and visual dialogue with the world.

Author: Mar Morón, Gemma París
Publisher: Gustavo Gili
Year of publication: 2014

Product features:
61 pp. with colour illustrations
20,5 x 20,5 cm

Catalan: ISBN 978-84-252-2734-9
Spanish: ISBN 978-84-252-2733-2
English: ISBN 978-84-252-2735-6
Français: ISBN 978-84-252-2736-3

Moons, stars, birds, figures and a million other elements invade the work of Joan Miró. The artist brings together varying colours, textures, materials, forms, techniques and media to express his inner world and the world around him; like a wizard, Miró takes the most basic of elements and transforms them into magical potions.

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