Joan Miró, Cahiers d’Art revue 42nd year, 2018

P.V.P.: 95,00 €
Friends Price: 85,50 €

The newest Cahiers d’Art revue 2018 revisits Miró’s works and relationship between Miró and Cahiers d’Art through an anthology of the most beautiful texts published in the revue. It also introduces unpublished objects and pieces from the artist’s collection.

Authors: Staffan Ahrenberg, Miquel Barceló, Jean-Louis Cohen, Georges Duthuit, Ernest Hemingway, Rémi Labrusse, Juan Larrea, Joan Punyet Miró, Elisa Sclaunick, Dora Vallier.
Publisher: Éditions Cahiers d'Art
Year of publication: 2018

French: ISBN 9782851173003
English: ISBN 9782851173010

Product features:
176 pages - 150 illustrations
Silkscreened cover after a stencil by Miró for No. 1-4, 1934
31,5 x 24,5 cm

The stencil Miró made for the No. 1-4 of the 1936 revue is silkscreened as this revue’s cover. The issue also includes an interview with Staffan Ahrenberg and Miquel Barceló, and works by Helen Marten, Koo Jong A and Karel Malich.

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