Joan Miró. His life's work

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This book compiles the most important works of Joan Miró, while at the same time carrying out a complete chronological tour of the life and the stylistic periods of the artist.

Author: Daniel R. Caruncho
Publisher: Dos de arte
Year of publication: 2016

Product features:
117 pages
Soft cover
19 x 22 cm

ISBN spanish: 978-84-9103-072-0
ISBN english: 978-84-9103-073-7
ISBN french: 978-84-9103-074-4
ISBN italian: 978-84-9103-075-1
ISBN german: 978-84-9103-076-8
ISBN portuguese: 978-84-9103-079-9
ISBN japanese: 978-84-9103-077-5
ISBN chinese: 978-84-9103-078-2

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