Miró. Sculptures. 1928-1982

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Author: Emilio Fernández Miró and Pilar Ortega Chapel
Publisher: Daniel Lelong and Successió Miró
Year of publication: 2006
ISBN: 2-86882-074-3
Language: English

Product features:
256 pp.
440 prints
33 x 25.5 cm

This catalogue raisonné of Miró’s sculptural work is a sequel to the four-volume catalogue of his prints and the six volumes of his paintings. It is produced by Emilio Fernández Miró and Pilar Ortega Chapel.
It consists of a single volume in English, containing 440 reproductions – most of them in colour – of all Miró’s sculptures, from the first constructions in wood from 1928 to the final bronzes from 1982. The majority of these pieces are in bronze, sometimes painted, while others are in iron, cement, synthetic resin or consist of found objects.
Comprehensive details are given for each sculpture: title, year of production, medium, materials, foundry, dimensions, number of casts, owner, provenance, and the main exhibitions and publications it has appeared in.

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