Diptych Beehave. Bee writings + Where are the bees?

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Beehave elicited a diptych publication that was released in two stages: the first part, Bee Writings, is a compilation of essays that provides the theoretical framework for the exhibition; the second, Where Are the Bees?, gathers all the interventions that artists from around the world presented within the Fundació and throughout the city.

Aiming to raise awareness of the severe survival crisis that bees are currently suffering, Beehave pollinated the Fundació and several points throughout the city of Barcelona with art interventions. The project explored urban beekeeping, honeybees' right to inhabit human spaces, and the desired and necessary coexistence between these mythological insects and humans.

The diptych includes essays by Martina Millà, Xavier Theros, Domenic Leo, Jordi Bosch, Jaume Cámara, Anna Febrero and Andrea Valdés.

Languages Where are the bees?:
Catalan-English: ISBN 978 84 16411 41 2
Spanish-English: ISBN 978 84 16411 42 9

Languages Bee writings:
Catalan: ISBN 978 84 16411 38 2
Spanish: ISBN 978 84 16411 39 9
English: ISBN 978 84 16411 40 5

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